Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monkey head in process.
                                                                 Checking the alignment

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Young makers

Our idea is a Stalkerbot. 
A creepy monkey robot in a wheelchair controlled by arduino that follows random civilians around maker faire. We are thinking of using an old electric wheelchair as the base, and a store mannequin covered in some sort of fur as the monkey. Also we were thinking about incorporating clashing drum cymbals and a fez hat for more of a cartoony effect. We are looking to make it scary, but not too scary. 
We decided to abandon the the idea of a wheelchair, for now. We are now looking to make the monkey stationary, and concentrating on the features of the monkey.
We programmed the arduino to work with a push button.
 In our meeting last week we messed with some motors and knex not necessarily building any machine for the monkey. Steve showed us a way to make the arms. We did a bit of arduino. 

This meeting we discussed what was the first step. We decided the first step is the skeleton. We brainstormed different materials we may use to make the skeleton. We decided we will come up with a prototype out of Legos. We also decided that we can build   the frame out of PVC because we have a lot left over from our go cart.
We will also Make motors run from the Arduino, At our next meeting.

Gorilla skeleton prototype- done
Gorilla arm mechanism-proposed to meet at changing gears this upcoming week
Go kart-done just need to check and make sure we are not derailing tomoro
Possible head with styrofoam.- next week ?
Arduino- griffin has homework to make motor work.
Perri has homework to make eyeballs move
I will see when we can meet next week at changing gears and put out an email with dates and times.
We still need a name for our group.
As for wheelchair we can  Email Michelle about the homemade Segway plans from MAKE magazine

We met at changing gears. Found three bikes that we wanted to use and took of the sprockets . 
Almost succeeded in building the mechanism for the clapping arms decided we need a weld or some other form of attaching. 
We had interviews with Colin from Davis.
Braiden made prototype arms.
 We messed around trying figure out the cymbals way of being attached and at what angle. 
Perri and discussed the material for the head. Maybe styrofoam ball?
Steve found a welder we will meet at changing gears.
Hobby servo has been ordered for the eyes.
We still need a team name. Fez monkey? Monkeys. Monkey boys. Monkey wrench?monkeying around?
Came up with the idea to use bike derailer s , sprockets and possibly a solenoid to build the arm mechanism
Built a simple mechanism to make arms clap but motor was not strong enough. Tried to make a stronger motor work and the battery was not strong enough.
Cut off chain protector on derailer s.
Thought of an idea for the monkey hands of using a mannequin and a screw.
Called it a half win.
Still trying to what the head will be made with? Still no name?
Will pick up servo tomorrow.
After sawing this was the end result/


                                            Sawing off some metal to make room for the arms
          This year our boys wanted to build a monkey that can clap it's hand and do all kinds of robotic stuff including talk. These are some of the ideas we have come up with for the arm mechanism.
                                                                Testing an  arm idea